You’ll Laugh. You’ll Cry. You’ll Cringe.
(*You probably won’t cry.)

What do a football star, an English professor, a newspaper reporter, a super-star pastor, a slacker, a hipster, a coach, a computer geek, a dwarf, a CIA agent, a televangelist, an Anglican priest, a Gentile rabbi, a prude, and a tattooed old woman wearing Daisy Dukes have in common?

Almost nothing.

Except that today isn’t just any other day. Today is the beginning of the end. Maybe.

With tongue firmly in cheek, the Committee offers readers the ultimate End Times extravaganza, complete with helicopters, grenade launchers, and well-tuned melodrama. Building to a dispensensational frenzy, Beauty and the Mark of the Beast lampoons a group that practically lampoons itself—pulling no punches and offering no quarter.

The End is near. Seriously. It’s only, like, 45,000 words.

“Committee has done it again!”
             — Publishers Weakly

This title has been rebooted as re:raptured.
You can get it on your Amazon Kindle for $5.99.


Just How Reformed Do You Think You Are?

With clarity of insight that comes only from firsthand experience, the authors of Kinda Christianity take on their own cultural-theological movement, offering tips and tricks for all you New Calvinists. From what to wear to who to marry (and how to court them) to what to read, Ted Kluck and Zach Bartels help you work out your reformedness with fear and trembling.


So you’re ready to become emergent—you need this book like Bono needs wrap-around sunglasses.

Without defining yourself, and certainly without boxing yourself into one particular rigid way of doing theology or church, you're ready to become emergent. You have a username and clever screen name picked out at Emergent Village™, and maybe you've even begun having church in an empty warehouse in the industrial sector of your city. If so, good for you! But those are just the first, baby steps in your journey (your dance, if you will) into Kinda Christianity. This book will help you along the rest of your uniquely creative path to super-terrific self-discovery.


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