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Episode 7: “The Struggle”


Sensei Zach ups the intensity of the training and begins a new series.

Episode 6: “Killing the Old Man”


Sensei Zach takes you through season 2, applying the concepts of Cobra Kai mortification and digging even deeper.

Episode 5: “Quicksilver”


Sensei Zach takes you through Terry Silver's intensive “Quicksilver” training regimen

Episode 4: “Strike First! Strike Hard! No Mercy!”


Sensei Zach finally deems you ready for the heart of the Cobra Kai approach to mortifying the flesh: the three tenets stenciled on the dojo wall.

Episode 3: “The Three Ds”


Your training begins in earnest, as we look at the three Ds of Cobra Kai: devotion, discipline, and desire.

Episode 2: “Orientation, pt. 2”


Sensei Zach covers some terms and basic concepts as well as some savage tenets of Cobra Kai sanctificaion, as he finishes up orientation.

Episode 1: “Orientation, pt. 1”


In this first class, Sensei Zach lays out the first half of orientation in applying the Way of the Fist to sanctification.